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A warm welcome to you, Lifestyler friends. My name is Jenny Hewett and I’m a Bali-based lifestyle journalist and travel writer with 10 years experience in publishing and a few lifetime’s worth of passport stamps. I am an expert in the travel and lifestyle field and my skills and knowledge cover everything from dining to travel, health and wellness, style, fashion, beauty and nightlife.

My work has been featured in Conde Nast Traveller, Delicious, news.com.au, Body + Soul, Time Out Dubai, Stylist Arabia, Broadsheet Sydney, Qantas Mag, Fathom Away and Rolling Stone ME, to name a few. I’m a regular columnist for Al Arabiya English’s Lifestyle section and am contracted to write content for Dubai Tourism’s VisitDubai.com.

The daughter of diplomats, I had a unique upbringing, travelling the globe with my family and living in Canberra, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Dubai, Jakarta and Bali. A self-coined expat brat, despite the somewhat severe disruption to the development of my domestic prowess from an early age, I am good at other stuff. I spent three and a half years on the UAE’s top-selling weekly mag, Time Out Dubai, where I wrote and edited three sections (Shopping & Style, Body & Mind, Art & Culture), contributed to the title’s upfront features, and on the side, edited thrice-yearly fashion supplement Time Out Style. As a result, I can carve out entertaining, newsworthy content like nobody’s business.

I have reviewed everything from personal shopping experiences to five-star restaurants and spa treatments, Burlesque classes to motorcycle tours and bizarre beauty trends including leopard print hair. I’ve skydived over the Palm Jumeirah and dined at the world’s most expensive brunch, investigated what they don’t tell you about plastic surgery, written a guide on how to buy gold, learned to dune-bash in the desert and interviewed Khloe Kardashian, John Cleese and Roberto Cavalli all in the name of a good story.

I rarely dumb down my knack for seeking out the finer, funnest and most rewarding experiences in life. A lover of all things travel, style, wellness, health, beauty and hella-good hair, if it’s rad, you’ll find it on Lifestyler.

Happy reading!

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