Six insanely smart styling hacks

They say the power of an outfit is in the accessories. FIERCE, right? But when almost a tenth of the population is allergic to nickel, a key ingredient in costume jewellery, you need to get Steve Jobs-creative with styling your look. 

According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2014, approximately 10 to 20 percent of people in the US are allergic to nickel. That number is thought to be around 8 percent in Australia. Sadly, I too, am affected by this first-world problem.

I developed an allergy to nickel in my early teens and everything from watch straps to studs on jeans, earrings and rings can cause irritation. (Admittedly, I’ve always had champagne taste. I like to think this was just another way it manifested itself.)


Long story short: you don’t have to sacrifice style for safety (of the human skin). These are my top styling tips to ensure your ensemble still has all the finishing touches. #yourlifeisnotover

Stylish water bottles
So much bad-ass-ed-ness in bottle form at the moment. Reusable water containers have come a long way since thermos days. Enter the Memo bottle. The same size as an A5 sheet of paper, it’s sturdy, fits easily into a lady (or man-) bag and comes with three different cap colours to suit your mood. Admittedly mine only makes an appearance on special occasions AKA not so practical for the gym, but great for work appointments and events.
USD$25, Memo Bottle.

memo_A5_1-2 a5Precious metals
A worthwhile investment, especially when you’re allergic to the cheap stuff. Rose gold is my thang (so much so that I’m now gramming about it at @itsallsorosy). But fine jewellery comes in a range of palettes to suit all tastes, from platinum to yellow gold. Don’t listen to the age-old addage that silver suits certain complexions, while gold another. If you’re in the market for real diamonds and gold, head to Dubai for the obvious reason you get more bling for your buck.
Michael Kors timepiece; lightning bolt ring from Turkey; ear cuff, eternity ring, Arabic necklace, clip ear piece, ear jacket, all rose gold, made-to-order at Gold & Diamond Park in Dubai.


Statement earphones
Who would have thunk it? The Scandinavians, only the raddest brains in innovative design, that’s who. Swedish company Happy Plugs are responsible for a superb range of stylish earphones for those who like their music a little too much. Rose gold, leopard print, camo. Seriously, SIGN ME UP.
From USD$29.99, Happy Plugs.



Metallic tattoos
All the joys of chunky metallic jewellery in temporary tattoo form. Stick on everything from geometric shapes to delicate tribal prints. The best bit? Unlike costume jewellery, they’ll stay in place without clinking up your shiz all day. For a bolder move, white henna is emerging as a ferosh fashion trend and looks HAWT on a freshly bronzed bod.
From USD$15, Flash Tattoos.


Cotton accessories
They may be harder to come by in stores, but you can easily DIY or find similar styles on Etsy. My stylist flatmate in NYC has an insane eye for these things and found a bunch of colourful heart-shaped cotton necklaces in Mexico. She gave me the red one as a gift and safe to say I HEART it. They’re especially useful when travelling to places where it’s not wise to take expensive jewellery or you’re packing light.

IMG_1419 1

Lady legs
There is nothing better than a mad set of pins to polish off an outfit. They just might be my favourite accessory and the thing I most appreciate on other women. Squats, barre, dance, yoga and a luxe body oil will keep them in good nick, toned, trim and sexay. Oh Rexy, you’re SO SEXY.

IMG_6905 1

Do you suffer allergies to costume jewellery, like me?
What are some of your top styling tips?


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